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Recruit better senior candidates faster with video.

Improve your response rates, pipeline quality, and time to hire with video. Your employees share what your culture and role are like and your candidates meet the people they'd work with.

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How it works

Delight candidates with video in your outreach

Employees Film Videos
Employees use our selfie-video guide to create their videos.
Outreach to Candidates
Recruiters approve each video and link to them in outreach efforts.
Candidates Watch Videos
Candidates meet the people they’d work with and learn if your job is a good fit for them.
Hire Better Candidates Faster
You get interested candidates who know they want to work with you.

Video Production

Your employees will look and sound great

Easily Produce Amazing Videos
Create top quality videos by providing employees with our simple tips and tricks that make them look and sound great.
Hit Key Talking Points
Touch on key points in each video by assigning employees specific talking topics from our job-relevant lists.
Approve Videos Before Use
Never allow a video to go public without your approval. Provide recruiters with video access only after your review.
Share Your Way
Outreach wherever you do today with the most optimized video link for the platform whether that’s email, LinkedIn, a careers page, wherever!

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